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Online family trees


Another way to give your research a jump start is to find others researching the same families as you.

There are many sites where you can find family trees.


Not everyone has been as careful as you about

  • checking your data,
  • noting your sources (what you found, where, when, and from whom),
  • documenting why you have reached the conclusions you have reached, or in
  • acknowledging the people who helped you reach those conclusions.

Most sites will have an ability to add Post-it notes for corrections, queries and contact details for the submitter.

Just some of the most popular – there are many others out there.

Free trees:

Collaborative – ie work with others to improve an overall one-world tree:



Individual trees, easily refreshed via GEDCom from your genie program:

Rootsweb (WorldConnect)

Commercial sites:

Ancestry – tree itself only requires registration, not a subscription, and may be shared with others to work with them on your tree, but maximum benefit gained with a subscription to attach sources from their extensive collections.

MyHeritage – small trees may be built for free, but as per ancestry, more benefit obtained via a subscription

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