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We provide a number of services to members, as well as to the general public, explore the menu links for further information on the specific items mentioned here.

The main repository of our resources is the Alison Procter Family History Centre at the Paraparaumu Public Library.

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Every Wednesday morning from  10 am to 12 noon (except over the late December to early January break), volunteers are on hand to assist both members and the general public with their research, and provide guidance on using the resources.
Additional sessions are held during the year at alternative times to cater for those who are unable to attend on Wednesday mornings.

The use of computers and access to the Internet, has revolutionized genealogy research, making an increasing amount of reliable information available, particularly with access to original documents.

For members who have hit a brick wall, the Branch offers a special service – Kapiti Gen-Forum. The Branch Research Officer will, given written evidence, endeavour to provide some leads to assist. The service requires a written application with relevant details. The application form can be downloaded from the following page.

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