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Online Trees/ Software


Although this group no longer meets, help on most of the main online tree and software packages offered is available from our wider membership.

Use the Contact us  to explore local options, or find a User Group online for the tree or software concerned for the help you require.

Two-monthly user group on Online Trees

Last Saturday of the month  starting February

Afternoons from 1:30 for 1:45-3:45pm
(Library closes 4pm).

Paraparaumu Library meeting room
(to right of main entrance through the Artspace)

$3 for rental/refreshments please

Have you wondered what at an online tree can do for you?

Or if you are using tree x to best advantage?

Of if there was a way to make sure you had a good copy of your online tree or research safely backed up elsewhere?

2021 dates:

Wifi available – bring plug box if you need to connect to power.
Bring your device if you want to work along as we answer questions on how to do xyz.

Feb 27th: Ancestry (with or without FamilyTreeMaker)

Apr 24th: MyHeritage (with or without FamilyTreeBuilder)

Jun 26th: FamilySearch family tree

Aug 28th: WikiTree

Oct 30th: “Taking it with you”
ie apps for your mobile or tablet with your family tree at your finger tips, online or not.

Intended audience/notes about the sites:

For users, or intending users, of the main online trees and the software for your computer that is designed to work with them (or independently):

Ancestry online trees – free, subscription required to view source collections
Genealogy software that can be used in conjunction FamilyTreeMaker or RootsMagic (both run on Windows or Mac)

MyHeritage online trees – free (up to 250 people), subscription required for larger trees and source collections
and / or the companion FamilyTreeBuilder (free software runs on Windows or Mac)

FamilySearch online collaborative tree, free.

WikiTree – online collaborative tree, free

Most of the above online trees also have apps for your mobile device.

If you use any of the above and would like to help out with any of the sessions, please contact Lorna (04) 293 7771

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