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Welcome to the Kapiti Genealogy web pages.



All financial members are automatically registered for members only content.

You should immediately set yourself up with a password at first login, see the “Logging in” post for instructions.

Although most pages are open to all, only registered users may add comments and update their membership information.

The site is made up of two types of pages:

  • static, editable only by those with editor privileges, although some will allow comments to be appended, and
  • posts, which all registered users may contribute and/or add comments to.

both of which have associated categories (general subject matter headings) and tags (keywords), which may be selected from the right hand sidebar to jump to a topic of interest.

The static pages are also accessible via the top menu system and the sitemap in the left sidebar.
Posts are also accessible from the Communications menu, starting from the Posts item.
This later only shows excerpts of each post. Clicking on the […] symbol will take you to the full formatted post.

Instructions on how to post etc may be found under several “How to” tags from the right hand tag list.

The most recent changes are listed at the top right.

If all else fails, use the Search box above the menu in the top right hand corner, page down to the bottom and click “Older items” for more search results


Email addresses should not be published, and will be removed.
Comments are not currently “moderated”, so will appear immediately you click publish.


These pages have been developed using the open source (ie free) Content Management System, WordPress (theme Suffusion).
Under the hood are a number of open source php scripts and a MySQL database.


If anything is not self explanatory, please Contact Us.

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