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Oct 192022

Tour of National Library

At last, after many bookings and subsequent cancellations, we have finally been able to secure a tour of the National Library.

We are booked for Wednesday November 2nd at 10.30am.

Please register by email at kathycallaghan”at”gmail.com or ph 021 045 2925 or 04 297 0733 by Monday 31 October.

In relation to mask wearing the National Library state:
Masks are not compulsory, we leave it up to the individual, thus we have a mix of both mask-wearing and non-wearing researchers in the two Reading Rooms.
On the whole most front-facing Research Access team have chosen to continue wearing masks, and we are provided with Rapid Antigen Tests; our team has had a low rate of COVID infection, which we have put down to up to date vaccinations, regular mask wearing, and the testing regime.

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