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Why you are you (YURU)



YURU was born out of a desire by Kapiti Branch to launch an activity involving national identities in researching their family history. The presentation of the results of this research to a live audience, was used to promote the challenge and enjoyment of family history and provides guidance to resources and methods used in tracking ancestors. This annual programme, as an educational tool, ran from 2008  to 2015.

Why You Are You (YURU) is a trademarked family history promotion and branding activity of NZSG for which, until 2014, Kapiti Branch had the agency.
As of 2017, YURU has a new format in one of the essential “industries” of the Kapiti Coast – its retirement villages.

Co – producers Sue Greene and Clive Palmer have given this activity a new lease of life centred in local retirement villages, establishing family history in Winara, Coastal Villas and Charles Fleming Villages.

Clive and Sue give regular presentations to residents and support personnel, setting up small groups where one on one assistance can be given. Some residents have joined the Branch, others are using the Wednesday or Saturday help sessions at APFHC.
But some residents no longer drive and another group do not wish to, or cannot, join external activities, so in-house help is very welcome.
In most cases there is a strong desire to sort out the family history to pass on to the next generation.

The History

The first round of YURU was completed for the Branch EXPO in 2008, with Kevin Milne, formerly of TVNZ “Fair Go” and Anna Kenna, Radio & TV producer and children’s book author.
Anna presented a revised version of her story at the Branch 25th Anniversary celebrations in 2009.
In 2010 our guest was Sue Scott, a former TVNZ weather presenter and now a communications consultant.
Our 2011 guest was Sir Jon Trimmer, long standing dancer with the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company.
For 2012 we welcomed Dame Kate Harcourt with “Virtues from the past”.
2013 saw Rodger Fox and his story of three generations of a musical family.
2014 and 2015 became part of the commemoration events for the Centenary of World War One.

See the sub tabs above for further details on the historical presentations.



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