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Online “How to…?”


Monthly, members only, Zoom sessions to help with some of the basics that help with genealogy.

These short sessions, 40 mins max, are aimed at gaining practical experience of the topic in the comfort of your own home

Any difficulties encountered can be sorted using the screen sharing  facility Zoom offers.

Pre-registration is required, so please register your interest using the Contact Form above, entering “How to” as the subject.

The topic for each session will be announced in the comments below.

First Sat of the month, 2pm , Feb thru Nov, unless advertised otherwise.

If you haven’t used Zoom before please mention this in your registration request so we can get you connected.

From Nov 2021 on these sessions are being re-focussed to “Why do (I/we/you/…?
And we reserve the right to change the title but usually along the lines of Where / how / why / when / what /who  do/does I/we/you with no apologies, but many thanks to Rudyard Kipling

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Sep 032020

Members only “How to” online session this Saturday – Using Zoom.
2pm for 45 mins max.
Registration required.

Please use the Contact Us  above to register, and advise what device you intend using.

We will try to get you started by whatever means needed!

This is the first of an intended monthly set of online members only “how to…” sessions using Zoom.

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Jun 282012

This post explains how to change the file behind an existing link, if you have edit privileges.

Go to the page concerned and select Edit in the footer



Position your cursor at the beginning of the link/file to be updated


Scroll up and select the Upload/Insert button


Find, and select, the replacement file from your computer


Click Upload

Adjust the title to what you want the link to read


Click the “Insert into Post” button at the bottom of the screen.

Highlight the old link and delete it.

When satisfied with the result, click the Publish button on the right of the screen


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Jun 282012

Your initial password will be advised once your registration is complete.

It should be changed at your first site log in by visiting your profile.

At the same time you may select a nickname that will be shown with any of your edits or posts, as opposed to your formal username.
NB login names are not case sensitive, but passwords are.

Go to the head/shoulders icon top right of the page

Select Edit My Profile

To alter the name associated with your posts, change the nickname, and if necessary, select it in the “Display name publicly” pulldown box.

Scroll down to the bottom and input, and verify, your new chosen password.

When finished editing, click on

at the bottom of the screen.

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Jun 282012

Only logged in, registered, users may post or comment, but all such content is visible on the internet.

All financial members of Kapiti Genealogy are/will be registered with default information and their passwords advised individually once registration is complete. (See separate post about changing your password etc.)

Clicking on the +New above (top left of your screen) will open a list of items you are able to add.

Alternately, hover your mouse over Kapiti Genealogy to activate the menu shown above.

Both will open the new post screen.




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Jun 282012

How to add a page

    1. Decide where it will go in the menu structure before adding the title
    2. Change the parent menu item in the box in rhs from none to it’s parent
      If you don’t do this before naming the page the link to the page misses a level
    3. Add a short title suitable for a menu
    4. Add the content
    5. If a long page, provide a table of contents at the top linking to the headers by using anchors (find a link that explains this!)
    6. Add appropriate categories and tags in the boxes on the rhs so others can find the content.
      Category, the overall description of the type of content
      Tag, keywords within the content.
      The latter show up in the Tag list below the rhs sidebar for quick reference
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