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Jul 182012

This post is only of use/interest to those Kapiti Genealogy members who have a shared email address recorded in our membership database.

Unfortunately, as per most online sites, email address based registrations require a unique email address over all registrations.

At the moment, this means that where two people shared an email address, only one has been registered with this site, although both are of course still recorded in the membership database.

There are several ways around this so that both members can log in, update their membership details, contribute comments etc. should they wish too.

  • simply decide between yourselves to share the login – no changes necessary by anyone, any comments will show under the username, or nickname, associated with the shared email address
  • advise us of an additional email address you may already have that we don’t know about
  • set up an alias on your existing email address.  Most providers allow you to have more than one email address associated with your account. Contact your provider for further details.
  • use one of the many excellent free email address providers to obtain a second email address independent of your current provider.
    This approach has many reasons to recommend it as it gives you freedom to switch providers without losing your email address, often along with generous storage and many other useful capabilities. Google’s gmail, and hotmail are two of the more popular. Your email program is configurable to read both old and new addresses if necessary.

Do let us know (Contact us) of any updates necessary to your membership details if you decide to use individual email addresses.


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