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Our aim is to help you study your family history by providing assistance by the means of the resources and groups shown on these pages, all of which can set you on the path to this absorbing hobby.

As such, we do not do your research for you, but can provide pointers.

If all else fails, try GenForum and our Research Officer may be able to assist (for members only)

Some guidelines for genealogy

  • start with yourself
  • work from the known to the unknown
  • always verify hearsay
  • always try to check the original source
  • always note the source of the information, ie what you found, from what/whom, where, when, original, transcript or index, etc
  • write SURNAMES in capitals
  • record dates unambiguously in 01 Jan 2012 format
  • acknowledge all correspondence and sources used
  • include a stamped self-addressed envelope when making requests by post
  • share and be shared with
  • respect the privacy of the living when publishing data

For more specific research links by place, see the Links section in the menu above

 Family Search Tutorials & Wiki – on how to research. The Wiki has a wealth of knowledge about all sorts of topics.

Forms and charts  – includes a wide range of charts and the blank forms , eg of assorted censuses with legible headings for the columns!


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