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Alison Procter Family History Centre


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The Alison Procter Centre (APFHC) is located in the Paraparaumu Public Library, Rimu Road, Paraparaumu and is open 7 days a week during Library hours.

Our computers, books, and microfiche collection are in the North West Corner of the ground floor.

Members may show their current membership card  (cream for 2023/24) at the main library Welcome Desk to obtain the key to access our cupboards, and obtain the keyboards for the computers.

The key to the resource collection will be issued and must be signed for.
On completing their session, members are requested to lock up the storage cupboards, return the key to the Information Desk to sign out.

The research facility includes a computer suite for Internet access to a number of subscription websites and use of our CD-ROM collection via our Branch resource menu. There are also microfiche readers and an extensive fiche collection for information not on-line.

A number of books are available for borrowing by members via the library by showing your membership card .

Every Wednesday morning from  10 am to 12 noon (except over the late December to early January break), volunteers are on hand to assist both members and the general public with their research, and provide guidance on using the resources.
Additional sessions for members only are held during the year at alternative times to cater for those who are unable to attend on Wednesday mornings.

Instructions for the APFHC program interface may be downloaded from the members only section.

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