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Two-monthly workshops

for  those using, or interested in using, RootsMagic Software

to record their research and family history.


Third Saturday  of every 2nd month from March to November
From 2-4pm

2024: Mar 16th, May 18th, Jul 21st (NB this is a Sunday), Sep 21st, Nov 16th


Your computer via Zoom (or equivalent).
All welcome, registration required.
Please use the Contact Us link above to be added to the mailing list for meeting link.


Lorna Henderson


Free to all

What is RootsMagic ?

A simple to use program to record both your research and your Family Tree.

Trying to choose a program?
Considering the possibility of switching programs?
Already using RootsMagic and interested in the more advanced features?

Register your interest via the Contact link below, join in, and see if RM might be for you.

Users of all versions welcome..

Use the Contact Us page, subject RootsMagic, to be added to our RootsMagic mailing list, suggest topics or ask specific questions

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  8 Responses to “RootsMagic”

  1. RootsMagic 9 has been released.
    RM blog (http://blog.rootsmagic.com/?p=3635) has links to the overview of what’s new, along with a discount offer of $20US until 6 March (US time).

  2. RootsMagic 8 is now live (1 Oct 2021).
    There are some useful videos coming out to both give you background on the changes and help you get started:

    Interview with the developers:

    Official videos from RootsMagic on their YouTube channel:
    What’s new in RootsMagic: https://www.youtube.com/user/RootsMagicTV
    Working with Files: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDKVw1ZyVio

  3. 18 Jul 20 meeting venue is the Pohutukawa room, still at the KCC.

    As always, all questions and tips to share welcome.
    Focus of this meeting is on the optional interface with FamilySearch for searching for sources and adding family to your RMagic database

  4. Venue has changed to the Totara Room at the KCC for November 2018.

  5. RootsMagic to/from Ancestry.com interface has been released – and will be the main topic for our June meeting.
    Free upgrade to your current version.
    Read RootsMagic notification at
    which includes a discount code for a discounted copy of RootsMagic for those with an Ancestry sub
    and/or an opportunity to to win an Ancestry subscription.

  6. Next session: this Saturday, 20th May 2017, 1:30 to 3:30, doors open at 1pm, $3 door fee.

    It doesn’t look as though the promised (optional) link from RootsMagic to/from Ancestry will be available for that meeting, but must be coming soon!
    Bring along your suggestions on getting the most from RootsMagic, and/or your questions.

    We may look at how you can record unconventional relationships:
    de facto or fleeting partners, illegitimate children….

  7. Next Meeting: Saturday 17th Sep

    Any topic requests can be made via the contact form above

    Using Groups is on the list.

    Any spare time after questions have been answered can cover an aspect of the (optional) Family Search integration.

    Perhaps you could come prepared to share with us your favourite use of these (or any other) features?

    Did you see the latest RootsMagic newsletter?

    The August 2016 one has the details of the (still coming) Ancestry synch in it

  8. Bring along your questions for the May meeting (Sunday 15th May 2-4 KCC).
    The March workshop demonstrated RootsMagic, May will be devoted to Q&As, with any spare time left highlighting a particular feature.