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Our full programme schedule for the year may be browsed in the calendar below.

Check the posts/comments below for any last minute changes that may occur.

Until we are allowed out of our Covid-19 “bubbles” some meetings are continuing via Zoom.

eg DNA, Online Trees, RootsMagic and the weekly APFHC help sessions.

All must be pre-registered for and are for now, restricted to members only or those already on our mailing lists for the specific meetings.

If you wish to register for, eg a one on one help session, please use the Contact us link above, indicating what you would like help with.

This can be eg research, using DNA, using your genealogy package.

By pre-registering for a slot we can match an appropriate person to help.

Using Zoom, we have the ability to share our respective screens and hopefully  guide you through what you are trying to achieve.


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  4 Responses to “Programme”

  1. Is it possible for the Legacy Meeting dates to be included, please?

  2. Thank you for that.
    I wasn’t sure what dates were booked, didn’t have editorial licence to edit the website & wouldn’t know how to if I did. So your efforts are much appreciated.

  3. Is it possible to have the Legacy meeting dates included on the above calendar, please?