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May 162018

If you think you have missed out on our May newsletter, please check your spam / junk email folders.

One member has reported that the May newsletter email showed up with this warning on it:

I have no idea why but my best guess is that Spark is upset about the number of links in the newsletter – ie the helpful things that get you to the resources we are sharing with you!

I’d be curious how many people receive such a warning, just reply to the newsletter email if you received such a warning.

Please don’t mark our newsletter as spam or junk, and if it does end up in your spam or junk folders, please mark it as NOT Spam.

Remember that you can change your newsletter delivery preference from an attachment, to a notification that it has been posted on our website by logging into your account and changing the delivery  preference on your profile.


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  One Response to “Email warning May newsletter”

  1. Yes, I too had the same problem – did mark the May newsletter as ‘not spam’ but wouldn’t accept and kept bouncing back into spam box.
    Would not let me print either but have since obtained a copy from your website so all good.
    Many thanks